Sandy Pentland – Why Social Physics?

Sandy Pentland – Social Physics – Making the World Work

Sandy Pentland – How Social Networks Make Us Smarter

Sandy Pentland – A Sustainable Digital Ecology

Sandy Pentland – DLD NYC 14 – Social Physics (Alex Pentland, Clay Shirky)

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Wei Pan – How Social Influence Affects Financial Markets

Iyad Rahwan – Time-Critical Social Mobilization

Vivek Kumar Singh – Predicting Spending Behavior

Arek Stopczynski – Towards Deep Data

Dazza Greenwood – Computational Legal Science

Joost Bonsen – Curating Innovation at MIT

John Clippinger – Trust Frameworks

Anmol Madan – Using Mobile Phone Sensors to Predict Human Behavior

Yaniv Altshuler – Social Physics in Finance

Yves-Alexandre de Montjoye – Open PDS: Privacy through Personal Data Stores

Bruno Lepri – Personal Data for Behavioral Analysis and Change

Ben Waber – Voice Analytics

Taemie Kim – Meeting Mediator

Ankur Mani – Cooperation Through Local Peer Pressure

Daniel Olguin Olguin – Social Behavior Sensing with Sociometric Badges

Ali Azarbayejani – Understanding How People Work

Davos 2010 – IdeasLab with MIT – Thomas Malone